the epilogue of your stories

what happens when you reach your destination? it’s an interesting thought to one day have the chance to be completely accomplished. even if it was for a day, an hour, five minutes, or thirty seconds, what a miraculous moment it would be.

do we routinely experience this turning of the final chapter without realizing it? possibly. after a workout, there’s a smidge of eternity where the day’s been conquered. when i finish recording a song, the confidence overrides all other worries as i marvel not at my talents, but at the toned aura that was channeled through me. my grandfather calls this a muse — letting the universe flow through your creations. it’s almost simultaneously after those all-knowing energies retire for the evening that a euphoria buzzes like the golden snitch before crashing into the ground.

maybe this is why the most successful conglomerates preach follow-through. not for the results or the execution, but to fly with the irresistible drive of our expanding darkness. if that’s the case, i severely underestimated the spirituality of those business executives. very similar, might i add, to the way i’ve, in my judgement, put down my priority on completion. could there be a better me awaiting the shell of my current body, separated only by the whimsical nature of my pursuits?

that’s a tricky game to play, envisioning upgraded models of my embodiment. in the wrong context, it’s the jackhammer drilling self-esteem into the pavement. but in a more positive light combined with aspirations, it’s the compulsion to strive for improvement. the end is out of sight and the finish line is suspended ahead, but nevertheless i continue to create music and write blogs. within these acts, publication may be the most horrendous part of the entire process. what brings me back is another chance to form counterculture structure through ingenious production.

resisting the flow of nature can be dangerous, however, so i must keep a watchful cornea cockeyed to the side to catch any hidden maneuvers. when completing a project, denying an unrelated outpouring based on the present doles its consequences harshly. if you’re aching to tie things up, you’re probably missing the point. each step in the process has its own form of gratification.

to begin, creating a beat from scratch is horrific in the sense of expectations and starting points, but the inner-ticker soon overrides the spine, hijacking control of the mind to bring humanity to light. 

once an instrumental whines, writing lyrics shoulders burdens of doubt and roadblocks with questions of authenticity and surprise. i have no intention of constructing the same song twice. instead, i strive for that moment when a line comes together and words can finally express a previously faceless whisper.

a whole indeed requires the seamless integration of two halves. recording shakes the sweaty palms of pitch and linguistics, proffering an opportunity for pure physical release. the mixing and mastering can be tedious, but the intricacies of the lyrics and the motor movement translates scrawled ink into an emotionally valid performance.

through this timetable, a piece of art learns how to breathe, walk, and sustain itself for survival, despite our own relocations. once the epilogue of your stories is digested, there’s an important decision to make — camp in the past or place the train back on track toward that steep cliff in the middle of every journey.

are you going to make the jump?

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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