the best stories are true because they unlock potential that was previously dormant. i see someone similar to myself accomplishing vastly more impactful feats than my current prideful undertaking of using a rice maker. a moving narrative will not only unveil possibilities, but motivate an effort to legitimize results. that’s a crucial crutch for mankind, especially in a state of social disarray. here we are, divided and sequestered to idols and teams we’re too far away from for a healthy relationship. but if we could see a reality where we looked out for one another, chased our goals, and sweated to keep family close, there’d be a surge of change; we’d have seen an avenue for success and grasped its elusive image of an optimistic year far beyond our own.

despite the calling for inspiration, a motivation-based story isn’t always a recipe for success. we also learn through loss, mitigation, compromise, and sacrifice. works of art do not have to feel uplifting to transmit wisdom. it just asks for an accurate portrayal of our environment. nobody wants to be taken for a ride, our universe included. if sections of a blockbuster were exaggerated or emphasized, that is understandable given the vast array of technology and entertainment accolades awarded. but why do we rack our brains to escape into a made-up world when other people, in these same positions, chose to confront the demons and were quietly immortalized?

it could be the high demand for patience whittling down the following of bravery. i’ll be in a turbulent mood and recognize that writing or creating music will not only help elevate spirits, but channel those ions into a picture worth returning to at a later date. but then i ignore those benevolent instincts and partake in any activity, you name it, that routes a quick redirect to pleasure over pain.

many of my original apparati hold a shred of mental trouble. it comes from a release of stress and anxiety that i count on after completing meaningful labor. with music, this functions as a page full of lyrics, a synchronized beat, or a piano loop performed live (in my house with no one around).

what i can’t comprehend is my blatant ignorance for this aid. i understand it’s there and willing to assist, yet i turn my back and freeze outside under the moon. the ground beneath my feet will incrementally go numb until i’m straining to remember the sense of calm warmth.

why can i not apprehend this perk by studying past encounters? the researched, proven data is inside my personal experiences. i, like anyone, could benefit from assistance during times of hardship. like nights when energy is bottoming out, but family is in town; when an advantageous situation presents itself, i want to exercise awareness and discover one further stop on the road to peace.

nonfiction is a wieldy tool. we may not all tell compelling stories, write novels, read poetry, watch movies, or read books. however, each of us sheathes a weapon of creation and innovation. it’s past time we gave the blade some air, for our sake and the generations beyond.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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