structural volunteering

living within a framework can be extremely helpful in regulating moods, productivity, habits, relationships, responsibilities, and overall wellness. whether it’s a steady workout routine or consistent instagram schedule, the mind’s at ease when it knows what just happened, what’s currently unfolding, and what’s bound to occur in the near future. while we don’t control climate, there are options available to decrease the random anonymity of history.

personal examples would be waking up to work on music, following that with a morning workout, and then moving on to pressing chores and assignments. at some point, i enjoy quick hiatuses to read, eat, skateboard, play piano, or just lie down and check in with myself. i believe in a reliable variety of activities to encourage skill-based growth in tandem with focused engagement. if you’re adhering to a monotonously similar schedule day after day, what’s the point? even if you’re getting better, are you appreciating the gifts of curiosity and challenge? following our body’s muscles, our brain can also tire out and plateau without freshly renovated exercises in between the typical training blocks.

if you’re currently coalescing opinions with doubt, let me elaborate on the detrimental consequences of a disorganized lifestyle.

first off, there’s a loss of confidence. few of us retain a gene-given hold on our true potential. most, including i, scalp it from a conquered battlefield. but when a conquest is not seeked, instead being thrust upon the warrior in long, shuffled intervals, how can one be assured of their chances? it takes a repeating sleuth of trained activity to boost joes to idols, and idols to legends.

trailing the dominoes, the next downfall would be the social network. slipping out of comfort zones demand an outspoken elasticity that doesn’t come instantly. peak performance is gradually reached by stretching and warming the ligaments. instantaneously “flipping a switch” to soar like a butterfly isn’t necessarily realistic. this deterrent halts visitors from the tourism of relational dialogue and hinders possibilities of friends.

my experience with this setback is strong. i tripped into freshman year of college with little effort to create a filled calendar. as a result, i logged thousands of hours inside the tiny dorm room losing myself in movies and shows to stretch my sight out of my situation. what i should’ve done, in retrospect, is find daily, weekly, and monthly commitments to uptick accountability and simultaneously meet new people. there are notably few cures better than time with another human being.

moving on, without the stacking of affirmations and support of a conscious circle, all shapes and sizes of illness start to smell the weakness. as hope for a saving grace diminishes, so too does mental and physical health. unhealthy food establishes itself as a staple in the diet. microscopic tears and blood circulation lose their energizing pressure. desires to appear at one’s best spread further apart with the dropping rate of dates and meetups. and negative impulses begin urging themselves into the slots of their matched angels. this is not a satisfying, symbiotic place for us to thrive. this is where depression rolls in the grass and poisons our soil.

to prevent the totality of this dismantling, nix destruction by involving yourself in structural volunteering. the collapse systematically fractures infinitely quicker than its rebuild.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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