stasis of limbo

one of the best benefits of traveling, in my unreputable opinion, is the release of responsibilities. whether it’s disconnection on a plane or warranted attention on the road, there’s a unique opportunity for peace.

what if our world leaders had to travel together? i believe they’d come to understand one another in an intimate, empathetic manner. not only are these periods of rest, they’re a bonding catalyst. i’ve had the pleasure to experience introspective, complicated, and expansive conversations sitting next to a passenger. whether we debate about politics or toss abstract questions back and forth, it usually induces a further sense of comfort within that shared personal space.

while dialogue is fantastic, being a third-or-so wheel has its own perks. with two pioneers in the front seat, i leave the acceleration of the outside world for a dive inward to a stasis of limbo. even more fortunate, my pauses from self-reflection are met with gorgeous sights on the other side of the pane. evergreens blur, snow overlays grass like an eraser, and the globe of three-dimensional sky whips wind and rain in an isolated symphony.

of course, there’s the anticipation building it’s arrival. the longer the trip, the further away from home base i go. since i confidently co-host the hermit genus, getting outside is a welcome relief (once i’m actually on the way). it could be the rarity of those people, the human variety in household decor, or the breeded animals indoctrinated into the family. regardless, it’s refreshing to change up the setting, despite the evolutionary urge to be close to a sheltered bed.

like any other setting, my mind analyzes the situation to see if any productivity can be channeled. writing this blog in the back seat fulfills that obligation. so too does reading a music history textbook and inscribing keynotes. but i wish i could further appreciate the wilderness passing by like a chirping bird announcing its perch on a deciduous birch. it beckons for attention in a passive, muted manner.

our nature is humble. not the human behavior, but the actions of our earth. while i wrack up nerves over ridiculous matters like chord progressions or a ten-point quiz, organisms manage their undeveloped thoughts with sharp instincts. it’s an absolute wonder that this raw claim for thriving existence is lying at the edge of our toes.

this is the frame that traveling can transpose to our observational field. we gain a removed, yet microscopic set of images on full display. no filters, no captions, and no editing. it’s the environment as it is, manipulated and urbanized into planned destruction.

the juxtaposed view of the soft soil versus our thick, black pavement is distinct in the way it invokes empathy. we’ve all held innocence, only to later have it ripped from our ten grasping fingers. now, returning to those societal leaders in a luxury sedan, maybe this is one of the platforms they decide to meet at — activism.

in the perfect utopia, architecturally sound in my head, the common passing of mutilated green space would access that gene of necessary change. people would sense injustice and let their sympathy override their principled commitments.  we’d be lead by the wisdom and shining example of our home planet’s roots. all from one highway overpass.

inspiration is but a glimmer of its acting potential. when handled carefully with the lilt of an eagle on a branch, a bright future is not felt — it’s enacted.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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