partially paragraphed pages

as the end of January comes near, what has the decade renewal brought? or bought. how did those ambitious, hopeful ambitions turn out? if you’ve made it this far, you’re officially in the land of habit.

there’s also potential in february. however, it’s a tough month to grind. fittingly, it’s the month of love.

why do we, societally, wait for a holiday to convince us to act? i, personally, revolutionize every few days, leaving a trail of partially paragraphed pages. it’s part of the program. education is strong in its effectiveness of cognitive engagement. in these times, all the kids get to play outside. no detentions; not enough staff.

it’s a strange world, relative as our standards for constants. to some, rounded, and to some, flat. to some, three-dimensional, and to some, sept-dimensional.

an end is only one more point on the trend of time teasing the opposing axis. it passes, continuously accelerating, until we see it before our eyes in a single flash moment. imagine watching a movie slow-crank their speed consistently forward throughout the performance.

is there a way to experience that snap of realism without the exorbitant consequences?

worried about the storm, which was heavily forewarned, he bore through inches of more and more slush toward a home with a mother of four, them present from divorce. reproductive spores bud into sores and lesions that implore revulsion and remorse.

upon arrival, no lights shone, the car skidded past, like a boat, before catching on the curb with a fresh coat. leaping through the sunroof hole and hovering to the door like a superhero, he’s met with a disturbed throe.

“it’s not your night, mason, are you wasted? should i call the cops and breathalyze your taste-wind?”

“just wired, in case that’s sanctioned. isn’t it tuesday, first of April? wait, it’s…”

“wednesday, you missed your take. and don’t blame it on your ‘habit of breaking every promise you make’.

maybe conclusions, even if to a chapter, remind us all that answers lead to more questions. our decisions, now more informed by research and experience, are a bulkier burden to carry through the next month.

as we grow, so too does our accountability. (i wanted to conclude here but that would be an injustice slighting breadth) i recall actual excitement for the responsibility of independence, begging for calls with Columbia Gas. is that not just a carnal developmental advantage to be geared with progress charging the front line? (in actuality, evolution has nothing to do with progress)

closer to a war in terms of chess — deliberate, methodical, and, forever and always, luck-ingrained — the goal is a slaughter, but the means to achieve apportionment are minimized to wooden blocks. are you currently in the upswing of a conquer or the woes of a defeat? perspective, as in real life, determines the winner based on dense analytics pertaining to a budget report. eternal in expectancy, we’re subject to fight the battles whether we like them or not. but strategy is fair game.

who made these rules? our fortuitous emperors and gods, of course. trust not yourself but the merciless alter ego. starting now.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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