virtual artifact

life is but a series of choices made by a scratched record, a corrupted interface, and an exploited mainframe. examining our beginnings, they contrast significantly with our expectations. i come from nothing, but i shall leave a legacy. however, that story will be recycled into its own relative version each era.

madness is an option — have you noticed? we’re trained to live rationally, think objectively, and judge minimally. but there’s the vast planet sitting past all three of those; rocky, aquarius terrain spills over the arboreal lands.

trajectories are bottled up and blinded like race horses. once settled in, we expect immediate results.

life is but a motion toward survival — long, generally safe, and thick. like diamonds, one’s lead is compressed copiously to reflect value. as a side effect, we are sometimes poisoned by it.

it’s straightforward to criticize, yet more dynamically cumbersome to compliment. why do we make it harder on ourselves? if we all valued killing, we might drift into extinction. not in a passive sense, but an active one.

in the end, words fill a virtual artifact of white paper stowed away in a compartmentalized, messy folder. who will ever have the motivation to open such a blank cover? i buy into many products based on their designed beauty. it’s expected, extracted, and extinguished almost right after it breathes.

beauty is two anemic sufferings of fluid-filled lungs. it boils under the surface, washing up against rocky walls — no shores. how does the trapped kid escape? do you hold the man who can hear their cry accountable?

sunshine on a cold day is exactly how it sounds — uplifting. to feel that beam of heat cutting through the frozen streets is to feel the touch of god, or concentrated energy. when it’s pointed elsewhere, lighting up the block but not the interior, where else does anyone go but a dark place? our flood lights run on diesel engines, and therefore require a short warming beforehand. this means moments of darkness scarring the spray of electric fire. when i close my eyes, do i fade out or fade in?

for someone who’s split into red or blue, the z-axis blurs into the background. depth is an unintended pause.

every role model has their reveal. the event isn’t black tie, heels high. it’s comfortably incubated until exposed apparel. 

how much have i bought out of boredom? shopping is like a waterbed in its attention to the gaps. there i am, filling up some entrapment device on rollers. the products inside are in no way necessary for survival, but i spent an extra five minutes and $20 on a warranty just in case their extravagance dulled. in retrospect, any damage done to the material world is a natural course shifting into the artificial existence we borrow property from out of ease.

emperors used to drug themselves. their support staff had no choice but to fan and compliment the addiction. no longer was the family name the ruler; the elements truly dictated a speech. control the dosage, and you’re one step inside the conscious of the royal host.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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