dead minutes

the desire to form sores from sleep is strong. i arose from the floor rested and ready, but as my hind limbs operated the stairs, i began to lose the steam collected underneath the blanket. coffee and medicine trap air like a pressure cooker, but it’s this void between rest and activity that leaves me in a cautionary state questioning. i coddle love for piano, writing, music production, exercise, connecting with family, and buzzing coffee, but this impedance of lethargy pushes, with one arm, against my forehead as i unsuccessfully attempt to bull my way through.

i would love to achieve an amount of control over my mind that allows motivations to be flicked like light switches. however, the harder i work toward this pinnacle, the duller the peak weathers. would it be smarter instead to surrender to breathing dust and shuffling toenails?

begin again. let the words wipe away and ascend into a heaven of repent and malicious intent. i don’t want to survive with resent for the natural occurrences of side effects in regards to intellect. forego the weary and cling to strapping arms. my tendency is to guard the delicacy of my efforts because their shards take three carts to clean the busted armoir. the first is for charred bones, the second collects bar tokes, and the trifecta is synchronized with poisoned darts plucked from cognitive nodes. wall plugs charge my addiction to tar loads. when i feel rain, it evaporates into a stark rope, pulling me into a pardoned choke.

the trouble may arise from my previous successes. instead of a jumping platform, they’re a yoga mat of relaxation. struggling impulsivity is tamed by prior releases. part of me wishes i could release the past; its straps and restraints are not as friendly as they seem.

what remedy can alleviate prickled nerves? more caffeine or famous perks? will i hustle home from third? i’m proximate to the job like an intern.

one pet peeve is targeted at dead minutes. their waste taunts me like paper towels strewn across the floor of a public bathroom. how did they miss their proper disposal? all they do now is collect dirt and symbolize filth and apathy. i can clean a single symbol of decay by allotting the proper space for removal. but when the floors, corners, walls, ceilings, and tiled orifices are grimy, the cause is lost.

achievement is the ultimate achievement. progress is the only progress.

therefore, as this dawn commences, drowsiness is the enemy. this video game boss requires patience, which i have for all but myself.

once you’ve experienced the power of collectively inherited potential, movies in the morning and television shows at night transform into insults. how dare i passively entertain a conscious that can solve world hunger. we each have the ability to end malnutrition, but until we sacrifice our pleasures, children will stay zombies. parents will die of disease. pets will lose their minds. siblings will grow independently. loneliness will land. defeat will coat the lungs. immobility will solicit painkillers. the cycle will establish a retail store.

the splurge is organic; my mission is to change nature itself.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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