magnetize shadows

shivering without a blanket. i like to stay minimal, a.k.a. vacant. keep this black hole open, inundated, and persuasive. i’ll keep storing possessions in it until i get salient. if only i could be free from the weighted mindsets and pressured inner-nations debating a resolution to instill a hiatus to get away from conflict, self-destruction, and maintenance.

what is strategy but a game in disguise? i think my pity’s a marketing vibe. my eyes turn blue from the downward delight of describing my pain to a blank piece of page that is digitalized. honestly, i’m feeding hopes that a publisher catches some lines, gives me a contract, and asks me to sign. if they included a clause to edit this plight, would i negotiate or let it slide? this is a process, not just a kind of release that i favor instead of a morning surf in paradise — online.

one, sizeable portion of sensors have gotten damaged. i feel i deserve an annex with thousands of dollars in equipment stands, plexiglass panes, and legible ransoms. slightly afraid of my salmon. they swim against any current, run around pandas, infiltrate poisonous pamphlets and exchange a positive message with quality bandwidth.

recently, i feel a scarcity not in the present, but sent from future perspectives where joy can be rented. if there’s a base to support these reflections, will they evade true perception for cheap fabric stitched by an extra that i didn’t bother to put in the credits? if i can visualize how i’ll become indebted to karma by transforming from a close listener into a septic machine, doesn’t that mean i’ll be pressed to embody that image of greed, then melt it back down to a tributary running smelted ravines of this silver, gold, and irrelevant currency?

will growing up get translated to holding possessions like they’re my last shred of integrity? word limit reached. i still feel dizzy. might need a notary to help me finish these batches of peripheral responsibilities. sun on my skin. similar to the UVs, i have to recruit their talents from outside of personal sanctuaries. we practice differently. magnetize shadows and amplify melodramatic like it’s a desirable theme.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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