new heights

sophistication is madness within certain limits. while economy aides understand the fluctuation of digits, i write with a certain stylistic blitz. these lines contain their own secrets.

what i do is arrange them in a maze that cannot be acquitted in a single sit-down session of attention. it may take the dozens of posts for one to begin their comprehension of these sentences. or, possibly, all your evaluation requires is a glance at the twig of my digital footprint. this would allow you to recognize an identity you’ve already observed suffocating the data binge.

whatever i decide to appreciate, i first must believe there are levels hidden within its shape. it’s because i pine for depth that i live in a shallow lake. emotional motives are but one piece of our aural landscape, yet i often catch my mind trading out a clean slate for a plate of utter distaste. where is the curiosity and spontaneity in such an exchange?

whether it’s remaining centered or controlling my temper, the hours are filled with a watchdog heckler. going about the average routine, i’m pestered with an omniscient presence hovering over my head, perched like no jester i’ve ever fed burnt nuggets to as an open letter. i don’t choose the header. my role is to play the treachery like hawkeye or jeremy renner. imaginary worlds are centered.

am i alive without a mind of electricity and gripe? when i look for passion, i turn to vice. i’m aware enough to recognize i’m pushing weight-bearing vines. am i not supposed to push a rope of twine around like a puck on ice?

what about the bike i never pedal and only break? if i had speed, maybe then i could try to brake. staticity is the achievement i obtain. new heights are the fear i evade.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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