fought him with fire

how do i handle my own selfishness , . don’t call my ignorance bliss , . even i see that neglect isn’t realistic , . when have i hurt others with what i labeled as

good-intended , . , . , today i got into arguments with a blunt prick , . not admitting his own inner white privilege and i couldn’t take it i sunk to his level and

fought him with fire like he was the dragon in medieval lit , . how do i justify attacking him , . could it be right to give him a mouthful of his twisted insulting nar-

-cissistic egotistical blasphemous medicine , . , . , prayed for a loan on my patience but blew it on muscle-head education , . everyone told him the truth , .

but he continued to pick on semantics and not see inherent implicit admissions between all his views , . , . , anyone can you instruct me on manners for dealing with

fools , . if he was in my vicinity would i let loose , . know-it-all attitude shooting its rounds into all that i try to imbue , . all that our movements are working to

prove , . , . , i grew up never too hungry , fridge packing lunch meat , school private funding , sports and equipment were never a sacrifice for mortgage money , i’m not just

lucky , i’m the epitome of what’s been given to me without realizing what’s underneath my chocolate easter bunnies , old politicians who secured supremacy with legal

cunning , . , . now that i’m coming to get a clear picture of the other side of my sunny , side , . i don’t want this punk to be who i was and be dummy- , like , .

he’s on the wrong side of history that is just unde- , ni- , able , but is he , unre- , fined , in full , to pity , or de- , signed , to null , dignity

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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