going past , state , lines , puts me in a bind , i know some call it adventure but i picture poison vines , . ,

why , does anticipation make my teeth , grind , . , what’s the root , cause , of a mind body divide , . ,

gotta keep , streaks , not the snaps , but the drug- , -free , dream , yet i’m driving to a state , where the government ,

grows , tree , . , bold and brave , parts of me , say i got this in the bank , but i’m worried ’bout the other split ,

personalities , . , even though i struggle with my self-esteem , no one can convince , me to go against irrationali-

-ty , so i buckle down commitment ’till i crash , cause there’s evil reaching out to grab and smash , every

tro- , -phy i have

– D K T

Published by dktindepth

Passionate writer. Avid reader. Music obsessor. Spiritual student.

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