Hit play to hear a reading of this blog by D K T.

For today, I focused on writing about relationships. More specifically, I thought about how I can fall short in supporting my side of them. It’s a work in progress, I guess. Regardless of my shortcomings, thank you for being here. You’re appreciated.

i’m surrounded by a group of counselors , it was my decision to be routed further from my troubles i’m trying to

round the curve , hard to understand that it’s okay to be the howling fur , weeping for the fallen from our town of dirt ,

, . if i flourish without gratitude i’m bound to hurt , altered every input but the outcome is a founded curse ,

, . too much emphasis on me will loosen grounded worth , get too caught up in the popularity and ouch it burns ,

, . , . know a guy named kevin he laid out the difference between being present versus following directives , .

you can take your guesses , . two places at once , isn’t myth , it’s a lesson that our mind , doesn’t always have the

best intentions , . i think my agenda supersedes the people who’ve supported me , so when they come checking for my

presence and i’m too obsessive with my self-election as demented , . i can’t blame ’em for acting accordingly

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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