Tonight, I’m analyzing the oscillation of judgement during an interaction. Am I doing enough for them to approve? Am I being too much for them to handle? Rarely do I find a happy medium between these two rhetorical questions.

reach in my pocket and pull out my phone , . i got a watch but i want you to know that i’m

bored of the topic we chose , . i’m being totally honest and truth is a burn from a

rope that i tied from my arms to my toes , . working in all our encounters to show i’m re-

-spectably worthy of votes , . well am i wrong or do i have to hit the right notes to be

happy enough to emote , . anything other than lyrics that colleagues would grow in sus-

-picion cause they don’t decipher their troubles for others to contemplate burdens and tolls , .

reaper when grim interlopes , . with a disturbing obsession on how to console the im-

-pending truckloads of self-shaming that come from those meaningless glances that calcify bones , .

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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