The details we choose to omit are those I remember to include.

can i capture some of God’s rapture?

give me black paint lacquer.

going punk thrasher.

i’m a hacker,

breaking in after you attack my plaster.

my revenge matters.

i am gonna guess that the energy i feel is a surge right before i get depressed.

rally all my troops into their death.

positivity surreal.

let it burn.

start the fire out of stress.

then i get it drenched in gasoline.

i don’t go for soda i get ethanol and methylene.

if you order bleach,

you’re behind me.

don’t you worry,

my disintegration was a quicker leap than a door to seat in an auditorium the size of downtown’s crematorium.

if you haven’t had the pleasure to go free up a soul consortium,

expect a loud cloud,

but no gory dump.

we get messy when alive,

but when we leave,

there’s no allegory crumb.

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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