I used to strongly believe in my originality. Then I made enough mistakes to realize that my answers can be just as threatening as the problem.

should’ve gotten out from underneath the covers sooner

could’ve followed through with my intention for the lunar

would’ve been resilient if i got brought up by boomers

took a day to get a break and now i need a suture

i’m not super qualified to get the job

but if you need a creator of excuses i can work until the dawn

i can tell a lie to keep up any con

if you go with me you’ll never need to take the fall because i pass it on

only got a single switch

either a perfectionist who’s good at claiming ownership or a computer calculating risk

formulating how to argue and convict

using innocence

like a murder weapon it’s a brick

my discretion took a hit

when i started medicine and therapy to try to fix a broken record telling me to quit

to diminish my potential to a crypt

now i’m hesitant

nothing safe and nothing definite

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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