In my everyday fantasy, I passively ignore disappointment and am inspired to creatively help others. In reality, I’m too self-conscious to look them in the eyes.

in a new development of breaking news

maybe i’ll embellish how i look and brag about how many levels i inhabited on top of you

normally i’m kneeling in a pew

praying for belief and only getting Q’s

spirit euthanized i got the dotted soot

in my own dimension where a compliment is handed to me misinterpreted to be a knotted noose

negative’s a filter too infused

i go after shadows like a chase a goose

looking at a map i’m pretty positive i’m in the epicenter of my youth

where is the naivety or arrogance to channel and abuse

all i do is put on a performance in the corners of my living room

when i’m shelling out my debit it’s because i’m manic dealing with Bipolar II

am i good at music or delusional and schizophrenic too

psychotic and fake or do i really want the lyrics to relate to you

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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