Photo taken by D K T at Hocking Hills State Park

Days full of hope end with nights demanding acceptance. I resist by conceding my progress to unrealistic expectations.

having trouble with a solitary setting where the auditory levels dip below my ears

when i go to bed i queue an album that can take away the worries of another night of my unfounded fear becoming clear

growing up inside a bubble had a family there to say goodnight i never had to face a mirror

now when i’m alone i feel the dread of what i medicate but i cannot release it with my dehydrated reservoir of tears

pile on the pressure to be at the top

compliment competitive and discipline the tissues that are soft

dial up a standard to become a knot

sitting like a rock i learned to treasure burdens like they’re Camelot

vile creature living underneath the docks

regulate my mood with hypothermia to see how low i drop

bridal is the way i like to run a shop

selling my extravagance in hopes of hiding everything it cost

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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