Photo taken by D K T at Hocking Hills State Park

It doesn’t matter if they’re gone. I still haven’t moved on.

do i keep a picture in a safe or do i let my memory disintegrate

am i moving on or should i label it a failure when i skip a couple days of breaking down the barricade

i get sick of looking at the drain

rigid and defeated take the blame of climate change i’m too in love with heated rain

nothing can compare to water spraying while i take in how i could’ve been a great amazement with the higher grades

if i got along and had obeyed

but the chain of their command

needs replaced

i can see i’m growing but the garden’s full of weeds

when i try to sew my seeds

they get choked

i get maimed

easier to view it as invasive and complain

i procrastinate and cram

for the race

stipulate ideas to incentivize a creed

but i’m too afraid to bleed


run away

i wish i could honor you without my aftertaste

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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