Photo taken by D K T in Amelia Island

The past is forever ingrained. Our reunions are inevitable.

shuffling through memories of chemicals and felonies of previous identies

reminisce on reckless ill intentions that i channeled because i don’t know the way to moderate

my intake

there’s no clemency

come up with a melody and use it as a remedy to fend off all my enemies

i just got reminded of the stories i thought represented freedom but were written by a rage

to erase

what i’m meant to be

which is anything

but a grave

really thought i wouldn’t celebrate

the decision to remain

but today i’m tired of the limits and decisions to be in a better place

really i just want to break

i’m an effigy

of mistakes

beauty in the drowning at a lake

no more suffering to rake

but the willow tree endures another day to try converting tragedy to grace

to unsweeten bitter tastes

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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