Photo taken in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Principles are held onto dearly by their stewards. For those who question their beliefs, grievous doubts rush to fill the instability of a punctured foundation.

you brag

i snag

you might start fads

bar smack

i don’t do it for the chart grasp

hard pass

i do not regard rap

as trash

but i’m really too sad

to jab

i make cars crash

tar black

i deflate and let the heart sag

mark tags

at the bottom cart rack

tap last

covered in a cool draft

take away the accolades

tell me what remains

but a human disembodied from an open vein

operated like a crane

ruining the base

full of animal remains

mood trapped

in repetitive refrain

what is there to gain

when i utilize a current trying to eradicate

movement of an interplay

resurrected flames

too predictable to tame

– D K T


life ends. why pretend


  1. Sorry Dan, I didn’t understand your latest, TOO PREDICTABLE TO TAME. Maybe you can explain when you have time. Love you, Grandma

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