Photo taken in Amelia Island, FL.

As much as I want success, I wish to hide beneath mediocrity. I’m avoiding the peace of triumph to revel in the disasters of battle.

watching a season of autumn get taken by winter but how come my fall isn’t done

popping off all of my doctors and getting a splinter for every bottom i numb

hopping on various ottomans going to sleep to escape an improbable run

possibly i’m an imposter or maybe i manifest all of the problems i’ve sung

filter the highs

out of my railway of thoughts

put what i like about myself aside

so i can focus on character flaws

heighten the pressure to rise

whittle my drive

into a spear i can toss

right through the heart of a person with pride

i poke a hole in the wing of my god

as they teach me how to fly

– D K T


life ends. why pretend

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