structural volunteering

living within a framework can be extremely helpful in regulating moods, productivity, habits, relationships, responsibilities, and overall wellness. whether it’s a steady workout routine or consistent instagram schedule, the mind’s at ease when it knows what just happened, what’s currently unfolding, and what’s bound to occur in the near future. while we don’t control climate,Continue reading “structural volunteering”

thick pillow padding

the world is a daze. i walk around slow, lumbering a full one-hundred and sixty-five pounds like it’s double that. music no longer holds its static energy. instead, the ruckus of anthems and hard beats seem rocky and fake. vision holds a thick vignette around its edges. the silent gaps between sentences open their mouthsContinue reading “thick pillow padding”

a world within worlds within our world

finishing a project is a fulfilling summation. ideas, thoughts, questions, and extensions all fall into a compartmentalization as the slow fading process begins. we cannot dwell on a single work our entire lives; yearning to see and know more, our curiosity pulls us forward while our static products remain cemented in time. i closed aContinue reading “a world within worlds within our world”