Taken at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, OH

can a

house , plant , suffer , . what about a crowd , full of

star- , -crossed , lovers , . write a bright , vowel , there’s a

dark- , -ness , under , . pull up to the key- , -pad ,

24/- , -7 , press , pound , peel the rubber , .

why do i , shudder , . when i put a ladder up ,

clean , out the gutter , . mis- , -understood , with ,

wax , on the hood , got my back, to the good , lord ,

could , be , more, but my pride , is a bummer , .

, . , . no , luck , digging for the dead , . ,

bury my , head , but it’d get , mis- , -read , as a

time- , -suck , . , i , duck , when i’m looking at my

sheets , rather sleep , underneath a sem- , -i , truck ,

, . , . king , tut , could’ve bought a ted , . ,

but the chain- , -link , fence , traded for the dread , of a

fief- , -dom , . , strife , numbs , out the suffering of

meat , strapped , to a seat , trying not to cry , from ,

, . , . sick , di- , -sease , on a dry , run ,

– D K T


Photo taken in Columbus, OH.

I’m wary of letting new people into my life. Amputating the growing pains of budding friendships has stunted my growth.

everyone knows

that if you try to get close,

i’m gonna try to persuade you to bolt.

i’m too volatile to keep you afloat.

why take a chance when my stakes are low?

i got a habit of starting off too strong,

then disappear like a ghost.

devil is sold,

i fit the underground mold.

treating my word like a hand that i fold.

play poker,

i’m betting the parts of my soul.

i could use a mentor for some growth,

but would i listen to them

or stay distraught?

sense of direction is broke.

– D K T


Photo taken at Clear Creek Metro Park in Rockbridge, OH.

I’m on high alert for anyone who doesn’t agree with me. I underestimate my worth, avoiding confrontation to remain agreeable.

i got apprehension over being too demented.

but i’m ‘prolly just afraid to get rejected.

therefore i need your discretion to keep all of me protected.

i’m a fragile loaded weapon.

might go off at any second if i’m disrespected.

how do you speak about me when i’m tested?

i’m not good at first impressions,

too much pressure.

will i get elected?

doubts barking like a hound who’s caught a scent

and wants to hunt on my dependance for acceptance,

coming with a vengeance.

– D K T


Photo taken at The Scioto Mile in Columbus, OH.

Humility comes and goes. I’m better off when it stays.

who’s turn

is it in the sequence of telling my competitor to dream?

they won’t have the reach to beat my heart.

i bleed for the sweet taste of defeat.

you can take the bride,

take the rise,

take the popular demand of interviewing in disguise.

i’m here on the wire

so i never get hired to supply chain greed.

– D K T


Photo taken in Powell, OH.

In order to go forward, I have to let go of the past. Until then, I’m tricked into a mundane cycle.

blister prone.

padding on my feet

looking like i make a living on the streets.

that’s the farthest thing from me.

i’ve got safety nets,

they’re why i don’t succeed.

nothing on the line,

but my pride

and it doesn’t make a difference to me if i let it die.

add fuel to the fire

like a burning empire

in the middle of a siege.

– D K T


Photo taken in Powell, OH.

I’m an amateur in general, but especially when it comes to trying something new. With all my constant worrying over what could go wrong, I leave no space for what could go right.

i really need to promote my merch.

carry out the brand,

make it fair.

but i’m

not a shopper.

i don’t want to make a quick buck

filling up your closet with my shirts.

let me be a hidden introvert.

watch a city burn

from a cellar that i pilfered

like a real pedaler.

would anyone be interested in funding one of my trips

to the rabbit hole

where my steps burn?

– D K T