dial an exterminator for the critters

i can’t reach

i’ll sign away the rights

to the whole beach

if it means finally being free

of this cognitive leech

but i’m told it’s out of reach

i would need a prophet savior preacher

that could break allegiance

then go set their sights

on forbidden regions

but we’ve got a creed

and the contract would bleed

too unnatural to proceed

– D K T


80/20 split

for the dead and alive

i did not predict those odds

my alibi is my wit

unprepared for the bind

of us being dogs for the gods

feels misaligned

why did i sign

should’ve burnt every little tie

save one for the knob

on the other side of where i reside

now i’m just too exposed to hide

getting robbed

then persuaded to give them a ride

– D K T


doubt i can make it a whole day

without taking a nap

dreaming of role-play

but it’s platonically vivid

no hierarchy’s in control of my pay

then i reenter my broke frame

of perspective and clap

nobody croaks blame better

i got receipts

look at this folder of jokes so bad

i became a token of shame

um excuse me

don’t think you know that you entered my lane

when you had set up the punchline

to be a suicide

on Boeing’s plane

taste some distain

when accusing genetic fault

my vault only gains

currency when i feel guilt

without that trauma i’ll wilt

i’ll only be plain

– D K T


what’s that

in your quote bubble

when i get tired of digging through my rubble


with a dose of trouble

i can throw insults right at your stubble

sit back

for the rebuttal

but it won’t come

you would need to rent one shuttle

then pack

for the long hard scuttle

went for your throat from home

kept it subtle

– D K T