deceptive were-nymphs

what’s your most coveted ritual? it’s a tough choice, especially when the environment is an amusement park of cues and responses. personally, exercise is the habit i spiral with on the laminate, pine-grained dance hall. without it’s daily check, i feel like i’m cheating (after pretending that i’m moral) which constantly leads to guilt overContinue reading “deceptive were-nymphs”

muscle and might

the somatic expression of my underlying attitudes is quite persistent. while i wish i could exercise, eat, and sleep in moderation, there’s usually an inequality of stress placed on one of those points. last night it was eating. tomorrow it may be sleep. exercise will cycle back around eventually. what’s missing in this picture isContinue reading “muscle and might”

drafted into the global army

the perception i hold of myself greatly differs from the aura others see. they don’t have access to the expanding library of my thoughts and emotions. due to this lack of clearance, i wonder what they see when they look at two brown eyes with locked doors in their irises. is it intimidation, fear, mystery;Continue reading “drafted into the global army”

center of the spiral

what’s important at the end of the day? what’s crucial at the beginning of the day? how you specifically handle your responsibilities will answer these questions. in my realm, the bigger stuff often gets pushed back. the minuscule house-cleaning duties and organizational ticks can keep me going for hours while school, music, skateboarding, photography, andContinue reading “center of the spiral”

structural volunteering

living within a framework can be extremely helpful in regulating moods, productivity, habits, relationships, responsibilities, and overall wellness. whether it’s a steady workout routine or consistent instagram schedule, the mind’s at ease when it knows what just happened, what’s currently unfolding, and what’s bound to occur in the near future. while we don’t control climate,Continue reading “structural volunteering”