a calendar of todays and tomorrows

as the clock approaches midnight, so too does my threat level. it’s been a quick ascent to the month of march. it’s naturally a month where the cold, beaten earth summons the courage for one more year. this habit of renewal reflects a thoughtful lesson. if nature has the will to grow from it’s frozenContinue reading “a calendar of todays and tomorrows”

an imaginary, unrecorded story

i haven’t intentionally worn white for well over half a year, but i wore it tonight. there’s a type of mystification around this occurrence of brightness, since i don’t yet understand what it means. but it feels like some decisive point in a battle. i’ve been looking forward to, and dreading, writing this tonight. ofContinue reading “an imaginary, unrecorded story”

a dimension of mayhem

fearing for your life isn’t that common in a college environment or an average workplace. worries about performance results and multiple choice bubbles are a more likely scenario. that is, if you aren’t linked to misguided anxiety. with anxiety, it’s difficult to level the mind into an accepting state. dread floods receptors to scream bloodyContinue reading “a dimension of mayhem”

a carefully executed crumble

to slowly fall back into the depths of a hazy slog is a miraculously terrifying experience. it’s when all the energy taken for granted starts to dissolve like spray coming out of a nozzle. it starts strong, then slowly loses steam and succumbs to gravity, a force greater than its own. at the end, there’sContinue reading “a carefully executed crumble”