My accountability is literally like an anti-histamine. I need people willing to belittle me and thin out self-proficiency so I don’t start my bickering about entrepreneurial ideas I’m considering. Unproductive tendencies are like the killer bees I keep forgetting. I avoid admitting imperfection by omitting what I’m mortgaging for leverage in competitively absent cellar dwellings.Continue reading “UNPRODUCTIVE TENDENCIES”

our own leaps

there isn’t enough stress in the world to emphasize momentum and its related beneficiaries to our productivity. writing a blog post is a daunting stand-alone; it’s approachable after completing a short-answer assignment for music history. the ease does not exist in academia alone either. sweeping the living room is pesky in solo form; it’s aContinue reading “our own leaps”

when no one’s around

what do you do when no one’s around? this is not the usual scolding to always act like grandma’s watching. the motivation behind this exploration sleeps more with the mystery behind a fallen tree. whether or not it made a sound is a surface-level focus with a meteoric pit hidden beneath. the true, mind-bogglingly difficultyContinue reading “when no one’s around”

boredom is about the place, not the person

don’t you love being bored? sitting there like a lost puppy not wanting to be found, but not wanting to run away?  me too. it’s up there with torture. but if you’re getting bored, like i was before writing this post, take a look around. where are you? the same place you always are onContinue reading “boredom is about the place, not the person”