bleached in disillusion

the avalanche is not one to plant its feet with steady rhythm. architecture isn’t ready until it acts dismissive. bombs may be as organic as a thicket. i’m neither a picnic spread nor your calisthenics. i’ve never considered space important enough to chase. i assumed our formulaic archetypes could sway. how is there a templateContinue reading “bleached in disillusion”

what can’t be done

the scope of human ingenuity and willpower is as expansive as our conceived spectrum of light. from a budget-friendly-but-still-sounds-nice speaker to cloning, we’ve made massive advancements in most fields of interest (can’t speak to alchemy or witchcraft — maybe for the best?). if you take a moment to reflect on your own accomplishments, at anyContinue reading “what can’t be done”

the epilogue of your stories

what happens when you reach your destination? it’s an interesting thought to one day have the chance to be completely accomplished. even if it was for a day, an hour, five minutes, or thirty seconds, what a miraculous moment it would be. do we routinely experience this turning of the final chapter without realizing it?Continue reading “the epilogue of your stories”